internal and external factors on skin aging

Some factors are natural and unavoidable. The function of the skin cells will gradually Slower and deteriorate more and more. It’s not different from the work of other systems. in the body as we get older

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In young skin The strong connection of each layer of the skin makes the transport of nutrients and moisture more efficient.

but when time passes Connections and systems Starts slower and less efficient The result is skin that looks older.

blood circulation that brings important nutrients and oxygen to the skin cells As it deteriorates, the skin loses what we call “flush” that is often found in young or young skin Newmags.

Heredity plays an important role in how a person’s skin changes with age. Each person’s race and skin type are responsible for different types of wrinkles and sagging skin. Sensitive skin tends to wrinkle before normal skin. While Asian skin is prone to wrinkles and uneven color more slowly. The dryness caused by aging in some cases may also be related to heredity.

External factors that cause skin to age

various external factors That affects the speed of aging or sagging of the skin caused by free radicals in the skin. Normally, free radicals in the skin are eliminated by the antioxidants naturally produced by the body. But as we get older The body can produce less antioxidants. The result is skin cells that are destroyed by external factors such as

– Freckles and dark spots are the result of the skin’s self-protection process when exposed to harmful UV rays in the sun.

– Pollution, especially in big cities, can accelerate the damaging effects of free radicals, especially when UV rays help.

– Sunlight UV rays in sunlight are the main factors that cause free radicals in skin cells. Because dark spots in the skin, sunburn, freckles, skin color looks uneven, dull, not clear moviesverse.

– Pollution, especially girls who live in big cities, various pollution causes free radicals in the skin. 

– Cigarettes, nicotine and other chemicals Cigarettes contribute to the deterioration of collagen in the skin.

– eating Choosing foods that contain antioxidants such as some fruits and vegetables It is an important aid in helping skin cells to fight free radicals that occur f95web.

– neglect of skin care Untreated skin often shows signs of aging faster. Cleansing your face with products suitable for your skin type and nourishing your skin with quality products that are dermatologist-approved can help slow down or correct your skin problems. In addition, daily use of sunscreen helps to prevent wrinkles as well.

How to prevent and take care of your skin to prevent aging?

Understanding the processes that occur in the skin as we age will help us prevent and correct problems better. The 3 signs of aging skin are: loss of volume Loss of skin density and wrinkles

Adequate sleep can help keep your skin looking young.

Choosing nutritious food helps prevent premature aging.


oxidative stress, or the damage of cells by free radicals It is the main reason that makes the skin look aging prematurely. Therefore, lifestyle changes are absolutely necessary to prevent premature aging.

food selection

choose vegetables Healthy fruits that provide the body with antioxidants that help reduce the effects of free radical damage to cells. Foods high in antioxidants include carrots, apricots, other orange and yellow vegetables and fruits, blueberries, green leafy vegetables, bell peppers, tomatoes, beans, and fish, especially salmon. Foods that are too high in fat and carbohydrates should be avoided wolowtube.


Smoking greatly speeds up aging as it reduces the elasticity of the skin. Makes the skin look less radiant

proper skin care It can help prevent and fix skin problems. Both wrinkles and sagging skin

Proper skin care is crucial to fading and preventing the signs of aging skin. both sagging skin skin that lacks density and wrinkled skin europixhdpro

Regular cleaning of the face helps to remove chemicals. that can hurt the skin

Using masks for the eyes and face to moisturize can make your skin look better.

Proper skin care must consist of 3 steps: cleansing, nourishing and applying sunscreen.

cleaning It is very important to remove the chemicals in makeup from the face. The process of nourishment is to restore moisture to the skin, and should choose products that are suitable for the skin type and the problem that arises, for example, if there are problems with wrinkles. Should anti-wrinkle creams contain hyaluronic acid, glycerin, saponin or coenzyme Q10. Finally, protecting your skin from the sun is just as important as cleaning and nourishing. Choose a sunscreen with antioxidant filters that protect against UVA rays more effectively than sunscreens with only high SPF or PA+++.

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