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Purchasing a Africankeneokafortechcrunch subscription from GoDaddy is a great deal, especially if you have a small business. You will get access to business-class email, cloud storage, and web-based productivity tools. However, there are some downsides to this deal, and these are worth considering before you buy.

One of the main issues is the ubiquity of the Microsoft 365 logo. While the logo does indeed represent a functional feature, it’s not quite as useful as it sounds. For example, the logo may actually make you more likely to click on the link that reveals its URL. If your business is small, you might not have an issue with this, but if your business is large or growing rapidly, you’ll find that the logo is not much help at all.

GoDaddy’s UI for Microsoft 365 is a bit underwhelming. In the end, this is just a web hosting company. It does not offer the same level of support or technical expertise as Microsoft. For example, there is no AppCatalog feature like there is with Microsoft. This could lead to some thorny issues. A user wanted to set up an AppCatalog for a SharePoint site, but the GoDaddy UI did not offer the option.

The other drawback is the complexity of the email encryption process. GoDaddy’s servers are not as reliable as Microsoft’s, so you might not get the same uptime as you would with Microsoft. Fortunately, GoDaddy has a support team that can fix these issues, but the process can take hours.

GoDaddy’s customer support is also sluggish, and you might not get the same level of service from your support representative that you would with Microsoft. In addition, GoDaddy does not offer the same introductory rates, so you might not get the same savings if you wait for a long time. The introductory rate will likely increase when recurring billing hits. The prices for GoDaddy’s higher-end plans might even go up after the introductory period is over.

Similarly, GoDaddy’s email encryption is not as robust as Microsoft’s. In addition, you might have issues setting up your domain name in a new Microsoft 365 tenant. There are several steps that you’ll need to take to get your domain moved, and some are not as easy to follow as others.

For instance, the GoDaddy Microsoft 365 Email control center has a “Recheck DNS” option in the Setup section. This function is useful if you want to ensure that your DNS setup is correctly configured. You can also check the MX records for your domain to ensure that they’re working properly. The GoDaddy Microsoft 365 Email also does the bare minimum when it comes to security, although the logo certainly does its part.

Although GoDaddy’s Microsoft 365 package is certainly an impressive feat, it does not do everything that it claims to. For example, you might not have an AppCatalog for a SharePoint website, or the security features to make it worthwhile. You might also not get the most important features like the cloud storage.

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