Best Places For Late Night Food in Bangalore

Restaurants open at late hours are popular with working professionals and college goers. You can try out a variety of dishes, including kebabs and Chili Chicken. If you’re not into alcoholic beverages, you can try out Rasta Café. This restaurant doesn’t serve alcohol, but it offers great food and a great ambience. It’s located in Mayaganahalli.

Niter Out is the oldest late-night dining brand in the city. Its ‘Late Night Kitchen’ service delivers munchies to your doorstep until 2 am. Dinepost9, another late-night food option, offers Chinese, Italian, and Indian cuisine. The restaurant’s chefs prepare a variety of thalis to satisfy your cravings. Order from the menu to enjoy the late-night menu.

Empire Restaurant: Another popular late-night dining option in the city is the Empire restaurant chain. It’s popular with moviegoers and college students. The Empire offers a variety of mouthwatering dishes at reasonable prices. If you’re in a hurry, you can order food from the restaurant’s delivery service and enjoy delicious Indian or Chinese fare. No matter what you’re craving, Anagram’s Knotty Cook will satisfy your midnight cravings.

Dinepost9 is another late-night eating option in Bangalore. The restaurant delivers to your doorstep, offering Chinese, Italian, and Indian cuisines. It’s located near Madurai Idly. It opens at 7 PM and closes at 3 AM. There are many other late-night dining options in the city, but if you’re looking for a late-night supper, Dinepost9 is the place to go.

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